Angling and Fishing in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers and currently it is one of the prime attractions for Angling and Fishing in North India. The state of Himachal Pradesh is abode of Gods and known as the land of snow and a tourist dream destination. It also a paradise of an angling and fishing and the state has some of the finest trout streams like Pabbar in Rohru Valley, Baspa in the Sangla velley, Uhl in the Barot Valley, River Beas and its tributaries in kullu valley etc. All the rivers has 30 to 40 km of Angling reserve area. Apart from that many rivers and streams in the kangra valley are popularly known for Mahseer fishing. The major fishing in these Rivers are Trout, Mahseer, Barilus sp, Schizothoracids Crossacheilus sp, Nemachelius etc. You can enjoy the fishing during April to till October and Mahseer fishing during January to April and again September to till December is the best season. The rivers of Himachal Pradesh is divided into two parts first is General Streams and other is Trout water stream. Rohru is one of the best villages for experience angling in India. Pabar and Baspa River are also an excellent place for fishing.

The Rivers and Streams of Himachal Pradesh are so beautiful and the crystal clear water helps that one can easily see the fishes. Clean water glacier, clear blue sky and fishes moving with the flow of water which provides you an excellent experience for fishing. Before fishing in Himachal Pradesh take proper permission from the authorities, state Government Authorities issued special license for trout fishing. Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for fishers and a great destination for those who spend some quality time with family and friends.

Rivers and streams where one can find trout easily:

Rohru valley:
Rohru is an important place for fishing which is situated on the right bank of river Pabbar, which is situated at a distance of 120 km from Shimla. Chirgaon is another place for fishing and an ideal for relaxation. Seem, Mandil, Saandhsu, Tikri and Dhamwari are the other easily approachable places from Rohru and known for good fishing.

Baspa is originated from the Glacier of Himalayan range and expected clear water during monsoon. Baspa is flow through Sangla Valley which is one of the most beautiful valleys in the western Himalayas. Baspa River has clear water and many pools for trout which makes the place more convenient for fishing. Kupa and Badseri are just few km from Sangla which are also known for good spot for trout fishing. Sangla is 250 km far from Shimla and well connected with the regular bus services.

Barot Valley:
Barot Valley is a most beautiful valley popularly known for its picturesque location and amazing water reservoir which is situated 202 km from Shimla and 76 km from Mandi town. Url River is a tributary of River Beas flow through Barot Valley which is famous for trout fishing and a perfect place for fishing. The entire reservoir from Pandoh Dam to Aut located on the Mandi to Manali national highway is also popular for trout fishing.

Kullu Valley:
Kullu is a most beautiful destination of Himachal Pradesh and offered some opportunity for trout fishing. Beas is a famous river which flow through Kullu its largest tributaries like Parbati, Sarveri, Sajoin and Phojal. The main Kullu valley which is situated right from Manali to Bhuntar provides you some excellent pools for fishing in Pathlikuhl, Katrain and Raison. Kullu valley has various places for trout fishing like Katrain, Raison, Kasol and Naggar and along the river Tirthan, Sainj valley and Hurla kund etc are also popular for fishing.

Rohru , Seema, Mandil, Saandhsu, Tikri and Dhamwari are the best place for trout fishing in Himachal Pardesh.

Rivers and streams where one can find Mahseer and others easily:

Mahseer fishing:
Kangra valley is situated in the lap of the mighty Dhauladhar range which is popular for its nature beauty, snow capped mountains and amazing views, greenery, thick forest and fruits trees. Apart from that, kangra is also known as the home of mighty Mahseer. The river Beas and the Pong Dam provides you an attractive fish ground for angling. Apart from Mahseer the other fishes are available in Beas river like – Malhi, soal, bachwa, god shingara etc. There are many rivers and streams where mahseer is available like

Sari Marog:
Sari Marog is a confluence of the Binwas tributary with the river Beas. It is a fantastic place which is known as the big size of fish. It is approachable via Palampur.

Pattan and Nadaum:
It is easily accessible from Palampur and one of the popular spot for fishing. You can enjoy the fishing in the confluence of Mandh- Khad, Lambagaon pool and Neogal confluence.

Kuru Valley:
Kuru is a perfect valley for fishing which is offered the tow major spot of fishing. The beautiful pool is found in the confluence of small khnad with the Beas River.

Chamba Pattan, Kuru village, River Beas, Dehra and Pong Dam Reservoir and Largi etc are the major attraction of Fishing in Himachal Pradesh.

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