Dalhousie Hill Station

Weather: Cold throughout the Year
Travel Style: Adventure Buffs, Lovebirds, Family Fun
Language: Himachali and Hindi
Altitude: 2,400 metres above sea level
Theme: Mountains

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Dalhousie Hill Station

Dalhousie being a beautiful tourist spot, plays an important role in the economy of the state. The major industry is tourism. While Dalhousie has a large number of hotels to accommodate the visiting tourists, the town also offers several non-hotel stays like independent villas and bungalows, which offer an alternative to typical hotels. There are just over 600 hotels, which provide temporary jobs to about 5,000 to 8,000 individuals every year. This town alone counts for almost 13% of the GDP of the state.
It is Located on the edge of Himalayas, Dalhousie is a famous hill station of Himachal Pradesh. During British rule, this town served as a summer retreat for British bureaucrats and government officials. Surrounded by five hills, Dalhousie provides a majestic view of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas. The influence of Scottish and Victorian style architecture is clearly visible in the bungalows and churches of the town. Major tourist attractions in Dalhousie include Khajjar Lake, Rang Mahal and Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The Rang Mahal is a beautiful blend of British and Mughal style of architecture
It is Built by Raja Umed Singh, the walls of this 18 th century palace are adorned with beautiful examples of the Pahari school of painting which flourished here. The Khajjar Lake is another tourist hotspot located 20 km from Dalhousie. This beautiful lake is fed by small streams offering a wonderful panorama with the surrounding cedar trees and hills. Located 1950 meters above sea level, it is an ideal picnic spot for the tourists. To know details how to reach Dalhousie, you can refer to the internet or Dalhousie travel guide. Dalhousie is well connected with all major cities in the region by air, rail and roads. The nearest airport to Dalhousie is in Kangra district while the nearest railway station to the hill station is in Pathankot. The town has a favorable climate throughout the year but summer is the best season to visit Dalhousie. Buses regularly commute to Dalhousie from other parts of Himachal Pradesh and neighboring states like Punjab. Hotels in Dalhousie provide superior quality facilities to the tourists throughout the year.

Tourist Attractions

Dalhousie has many places to visit. A favorite spot for tourists is the area near Alla. It is a potato field and it offers mesmerizing scenic landscape. Another popular spot is the area of Karelanu. It is famous for its precious water which healed a great leader, Subhas Chandra Bose. He was suffering from tuberculosis and he regularly drank the water from the natural spring in Karelanu and was healed. Some of the major tourist attractions of the town are:

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St. Andrew's Church:
St. Andrew's Church commonly known as the Church of Scotland was built in the year 1903 at Bahloon by Protestant Christians.

Just 2 km away from the town lies the 'five bridges' memorial, built in memory of Sardar Ajit Singh, one of India's well-loved freedom fighters. A natural tank and creams give the spot a fitting serenity.

Subhash Baoli:
Named after Subhash Chandra Bose, a famous freedom fighter, Subhash Baoli is located at a mere distance of 1 km from Dalhousie. An enthralling spot, Subhash Baoli is surrounded by majestic trees that attracts huge number of tourists from India as well as abroad.

This is a famous temple of Bhulwani Mata at the middle of the thick forest in the village of Ahla, on the way to Kalatope.

Located on the way to Panchpula at an altitude of 2,036m, Satdhara is a famous picnic spot nearby Dalhousie. The place is known for the seven hot water springs, that has great therapeutic value in it.

It is a wild life sanctuary located at a distance of 10 km from Dalhousie. 'Ghoral' and Himalayan black bear can be found here.

LaxmiI Narayan Temple:
This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built more than 150 years ago. The temple enshrines a beautiful image of Lord Vishnu.

Seven kms short of Dalhousie is Banikhet - the gateway to Dalhousie. At Banikhet the road bifurcates for Chamba and Dalhousie. This small place has gained importance with the setting-up of residential colony of Chamera Hydro-electric Project. A Nag temple in Padhar Maidan now called mini stadium is a place of worship for the people of Banikhet and villages around. This temple is approximately 150 years old.

Bakrota Hills:
Located at a distance of 5 km from Dalhousie, Bakrota hills give breathtaking view of the snow covered city.

Often nicknamed as the mini Switzerland of India, Kajjiar is a small hill town located at 2000 meters above sea level at a short distance from Dalhousie. The town is surrounded by thick covers of deodar and pine trees and the Kajjiar Lake is one of the most amazing and serene picnic spots with the back drop of the snow capped Himalayas. Khajjinag Temple built in the 12th century is also a famous attraction here.

Ajit Singh Memorial:
Sardar Ajit Singh, a great freedom fighter, breathed his last on the day India gained independence, 15th August, 1947. His 'Samadhi' is located at Dalhousie's Panjpulla, a picturesque spot with a natural tank and water flowing under small bridges from which the place takes its name. At Panjpulla, there is a 'Samarak' in the memory of Sardar Ajit Singh. On the way to Panjpulla is Satdhara springs gurgling with refreshing water, believed to contain some medicinal properties. Panjpulla stream is the main source of water supply to Dalhousie and Bahloon.

Lakkad Mandi
13 km. from Hotel Mount View, this small sanctuary lies in the catchment of the Ravi River, and contains patches of good coniferous and Oak forests. A motorable road to Kalatop Rest House leads from the Dalhousie - Khajjiar - Chamba road at the point named Lakkad Mandi. The track from Lakkad Mandi to Kalatop Rest House is plain and the walk through the dense forest is amazingly refreshing. To obtain permission to ply the vehicle and stay in Rest House, one can contact Divisional Forest Officer, Wildlife, Chamba.

Jandari Ghat:
( 2 km. ) place of the rulers of erstwhile Chamba State, is located and surrounded by tall pine trees, is a place worth visiting. Jandari Ghat commands a panoramic view of snow covered Pir Panjal Range and other surrounding hills.

St. Francis Church:
Dalhousie is well known for its church buildings and other landmarks erected by the British. The town has old churches like St. John's Church ( 1853 ), St. Francis' Church ( 1894 ), St. Andrew's Church ( 1903 ) and St. Patric's Church ( 1909 ).
St. John's Church, the oldest is located at Gandhi Chowk, about 2 km. from the bus stand. This church was the first to be built after the founding of Dalhousie.

Bholani Mata
10 km from Hotel Mount View, is Dainkund is the highest mountain in Dalhousie, at an altitude of 2755 mtrs it provides the picture book scenery of the whole valley. The amazing experience of a pliable trudge in a beautiful ambience is quite spectacular.
The sweet sound of the gentle breeze puffing through the trees makes a musical serenade and so Dainkund is popularly known as the singing hill

Bhalai Mata
32 km. from Hotel Mount View, the mighty Bhadrakali temple of Bhalai Mata, the local deity, is much respected and revert place of Chamba district.
It is known fact that a visit to the shrine grants all wishes that one might have in mind. It is a worth seeing site and must be visited.
Chamera Dam project
30 Km. from Hotel Mount View and on the way to Chamba. This is the reservoir of the Chamera dam built over the river Ravi. Chamera lake is an artificial lake came into existence as a consequence of Chamera Hydroelectric project.
The Dam site enjoy very sharp fluctuations in climate between April to June. During the day it can get very hot (around 35 degree centigrade) though by the evening, temperatures fall to between 18 to 20 degree centigrade.

Sach Pass
The All year Snow covered pass into Pangi valley is a must see on a trip to Dalhousie 120 Kms from Dalhousie be in Snow all year around and enjoy majestic views of Chamba and Pangi valley on the other side the pass is located over 14000 feet in brethtaking views

Things to do

There are many exciting activities tourists can add to their itinerary and Dalhousie tour packages. Camping is a very popular activity that people choose to do here, but only those who have sufficient holidays in hand. There are few popular adventure-activities organizers who schedule days with activities like rock climbing, Rope walking, valley crossing, forest treks, rappelling, etc. For those who love to zip-zap-zoom on snow. Another exhilarating experience of adrenaline pumping is paragliding and hand-gliding from Bir and Billing peak.

Physical endurance is put to test on cycling and mountain biking trips that take to different routes to or from Dalhousie; a superb way to explore the beauty of hills and feel the tranquility in the air. Wildlife lovers can find their interests catered to in places. It is located at some distance from the city of Dalhousie. Other activities are angling and golfing with time in this hill city could be made memorable.

Hotel Information

Dalhousie offers accommodation options ranging from luxury Hotels and hill resorts in Dalhousie and medium-priced Economy hotels in Dalhousie, we offer you the right kind of accommodation for you and your family visiting Dalhousie for a summer retreat, honeymoon travel to Dalhousie, a family vacation in Dalhousie..




In winter, the temperature can drop to freezing point when heavy woolens are required. The summer temperature are mild and light woolens / cottons are recommended.

Best Time to Visit

Dalhousie enjoys a comfortable weather throughout the year. Though the place can be visited anytime in the year, the ideal time is during the summer months when the hill resort beats the heat of the plains. Cotton clothing is applicable for the summer months whereas woolens are required for the winters.

How to Reach there

Railway Station:

The nearest railway station is Pathankot about 80 kms,connected to all of the major cities.


Dalhousie is connected to all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh.


Amritsar is the nearest airport .Jammu airport is 188 kms.

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