Golf in Himachal

Himachal is popularly known for its adventure activities and as a paradise for nature lovers. The cool and pleasant weather makes it attractive and a favorable destination spot for Golf and others. It is a favorite destination in the recent years for Indian and foreigner alike. Himachal Pradesh is a hub of adventure activities and offered the variety of sports facilities. Golf is one of the most popular and famous spot of Himachal Pradesh and there are various Golf courses situated in Himachal Pradesh. If you want to go for Golfing Himachal is a perfect destination for it. It has excellent facilities with world class standard and now it became a hot spot for holidays. Naldehra and Annandale Golf Course are the popular and most famous in Himachal. Every year lots of the tourists from all around the world visit here and enjoy the Golf.

Naldehra Golf Ground (Shimla)

Naldehra is situated at a distance of 23 km from Shimla which is one of the oldest Golf Course club in India. This is a beautiful ground which is situated at an elevation of 3,044 mts above the sea level which is surrounding by the thick forests. In 1903 A.D this place is originally preferred by the Lord Curzon the British Viceroy of India. He was firstly noticed the potential and location perfect for Golf Course. He named one of his daughters ‘Naldera’ after the spot. This is a par 68, 18 holes course which is regarded as one of the most challenging in the country. This Golf Course is spread around 4,290 yard and while playing one may pay a daily fee or take a membership for temporary, annual and lifetime. April to November is the best tome for playing Golf in Himachal Pradesh with pleasant weather. This Golf Corse is maintained by the Indian Army.

Information about 18 hole Course in Naldehra:

Annadale (Shimla)

Annadale is a beautiful and historical playground is located 4 km from the ridge which is situated in the amazing village ‘Kaithu’ in a deep and wide valley of Shimla. Annadale is located at an elevation of 6000 ft above the sea level. This popular place is known misspelt as Annadale. It is popularly known for Cricket and Polo but apart from that this place is the home of a nine hole Golf Corse which is maintained and managed by the Indian Army.

Khajjar (Chamba)

Khajjar is a beautiful location which is popularly known for its green meadows, thick forest, panoramic views of surrounding, Adventure activities etc. Chamba is situated on the right bank of Ravi River, which is popularly known as the home of Khajjar. It is situated 24 km from Dalhousie and22km from Chamba. Khajjar is a famous location for nine hole Golf Corde which is referred as the Mini Switzerland of India.

Best time for playing Golf in Himachal:

The weather of Himachal is pleasant but this beautiful Golf playing only when the weather is most favorable. The ideal time for Golf is to be slightly sunny and moderate. The best time to play Golf is April to June, during these months the weather is mildly sunny and perfect.

Equipment Required:

1. Woods: Woods is used for playing long shots.
2. Irons: The Heads made of metal, metal is given the golfer a control over the distance.
3. Putters: It is used in the green.
4. Golf Balls: Playing an important role, there you will find two balls hard and soft. Hard is good for Travel far but soft is important for Precision.

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