River Rafting in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for Adventure and Nature lovers, one of the favorite destinations in the country. White water Rafting is one of the most popular Activities which excellently performed in Himachal Pradesh. To experience the thrills of River rafting, Himachal is a perfect place for full fill your Adventurous need. Himachal has lots of the river which offered white water rafting possibilities like Chandrabhaga in Lahaul, Satjul near shimla, Ravi near chamba and Beas near Kullu. Satluj is one of the most exciting and challenging river in Himachal.

Summer is the best for River Rafting due to the snow capped Himalayan melt to give its water. The water makes the river more speedy and volatile, making it a wonderful challenge for River Rafters. Most of the tourists who visit Himachal Pradesh love to enjoy River rafting.

You can enjoy the river rafting at Satluj and explore the beauty of surrounding and enjoy the wild water. The other option is Ravi River offered the more thrill of river rafting for tourists. Apart from that River Chandrabhagi River Situated in Lahaul and provides you an amazing experience for whole life. River Beas is the best option or beginners who trying River Rafting.

The best time to Visit Himachal and enjoy the River rafting from April to till October. During the winters (December to till January) you would not find the services of River rafting.

Some places where you can enjoy River Rafting:

Satluj near Shimla:

Satluj is one of the most amazing and beautiful River which is situated in Himachal Pradesh. It is cover an area of about 6,555 sq km and the source of the water which lies near Mansarovar Lake at 18500 ft in the Tibetan Plateau. Satluj is one of only three Himalayan Rivers which originated in the high Tibetan Plateau that cuts across the mighty Himalayan ranges. The other two is Indus and Brahmputra. Many tributaries join the main Satluj River and Baspa is one of the major tributary of Satluj. It is a best option for enjoying thrill and adventure.

Beas River in Kullu:

River Rafting in Beas River situated in the Kullu Valley which is a perfect place for enjoying and experiences the thrilling. For rafting in Beas River you required a team of trained and professional river guides with safety equipments. You can enjoy the River Rafting approximately 1hours 20 min for 14 km with all safety. During the ride you will make way to Parvati Valley for more thrilling.

Ravi River:

Chamba Valley is popularly known for its Ravi River which is famous for its River rafting. River Ravi rise from the Bara Banghalas a join stream formed by the Glacier. The Ravi River flow by the foot of Dalhousie hill through the Chamba valley. The tour department and state government are organizing a rafting carnival at Ravi.

Chandrabhaga (Chenab):

Chandrabhaga River was started in 2011 for Adventure activities like River rafting. Tandi is situated 90 km it is the place where River Chandra and Bhaga are merged and make Chandrabhaga which flow through Pattan valley. Chndrabhaga is one of the best options for enjoying river rafting in Himachal Pradesh.

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