Bir Billing Tourism Himachal Pradesh

Bir Billing is one of the best destinations for Paragliding situated in Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Bir- Billing considered as the heaven on earth for paragliding. Bir is a small village situated on the west Joginder Nagar and Bir Billing is a most popular Adventure spot destination of Himachal Pradesh. It is popularly known as the famous Paragliding Capital of the world. Bir –Billing is the second highest Paragliding destination in the entire world. It is offered an awesome and unique experience and unforgettable memories for whole life. In 2015 the Paragliding World Cup Championship had host by Bir- Billing.
Bir is a most popular Paragliding spot in the world and every year it hosts the world Paragliding Championship at Bir. Bir and Billing are two different locations but they collectively called by a single name, the reason is Billing is the take- off site and the landing point is Bir. Apart from that Bir is also an important center of Spiritual studies and meditation. Bir is also popular for its soulful Tibetan Monasteries, Peaceful settings and influenced by the Tibetan Culture. There is a major Tibetan refugee community settled in this town. This beautiful town is the hub of Adventure activities and these activities are safe and all the safety equipments are available here.
Paragliding in Bir Billing provides you excellent and memorable experiences don’t miss paragliding and don’t worry Bir- Billing is the home to world class facilities you will be in the safest hand. Apart from that Bir Billing is also famous for another adventures activities like hand gliding, camping, trekking etc. Trekking and camping is one of the other popular adventure activities which Perform here. Bir Billing is also a religious town which is home of many religious temples and monasteries. Due to mostly inhabit by the Buddhism you will find lots of Monasteries here. The most important and religious temples of hindu is Baijnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated in Bir Billing. It is a Paradise for Nature and Adventure lovers. Bir Billing is one of an amazing hill station of India.

Best time to visit Bir Billing:

Summer: March to June is the summer season here with the temperature of 11 to 25 degree Celsius. Summer is the best time for adventure activities and sightseeing. The days are warm which enough for paragliding.
Winter: Winters are beginning from October to till February with the temperature as low as frozen point.
Monsoon: July to till September is the rainy season here and during rain you can’t perform paragliding.

Visiting places in Bir Billing:

Paragliding in Bir Billing: One of the most popular tourist activities Paragliding is performed here. Bir Billing is a paradise for Adventure lovers and Paragliding is a famous spot here. Bir Billig is the second highest destination for paragliding in the world.

Bir Tea Factory: Tea garden is so beautiful place at Bir. It is located near the Bir Bazar.

Chokling Monastery: Chokling is one of the most popular Monasteries in Bir. A huge and big Stupa of Padmasambhav is situated inside the monastery which is located in the Bir Tibetan colony.

Deer Park Institute: It is a study center of Classic Indian and a perfect location for meditation, Philosophy, art and culture, yoga and traditions etc.

Sherab Ling monastery: This is a beautiful monastery surrounding by green forest and offered the spiritual studies here. Sherab Ling is a holy temple dedicated to Buddhism.

Hand Gliding: Hand Gliding is one of the other popular adventure activities which perform here.

Teachings at Dharmaya Institute: It is an eco- campus where one can enjoy the environmental programs like farming, sustainable village development, green building and recreational activities like meditation and yoga.

How to Reach Bir Billing:

By Air: There is no direct flight to reach Kangra is the nearest Airport to reach which is 68 km from away from the destination. The other nearest airport is Chandigarh situated 155 km from Bir Billing. Taxies and buses are easily available to reach Bir Billing.
By Train: Bir Billing has no direct Rail connectivity the nearest railway station is Pathnkot which is 115 km from Bir Billing.
By Road: The destination is well connected to the major cities oh Himachal Pradesh. Regular bus services are easily available to reach Bir Billing.

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