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Chamba is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh situated around 55 km from Dalhousie with at an elevation of 926 mts above the sea level. The town is situated on the right bank of river Ravi and increase the charm of the place. It is refer as the princely state and one of the oldest in the country. This beautiful destination is situated at a distance of 580 km from Delhi, 24 km from Khajjiar,56 km from Dalhousie and cover an area of 24 sq km. Chamba is popularly known as the valley of milk and honey. The beautiful water stream, green meadows, religious temples, paintings, handkerchief, lakes, snow capped peaks, pleasant weather, charming surrounding, thick green forests and nature beauty attract thousands of the tourists from all around the country. It is a paradise for nature lovers and its scenic beauty makes you crazy. It serves as the perfect getaway for summer holidays. One can explore the beauty of Chamba with family and friends. This picturesque hill station provides you excellent views of charming River Ravi, snow capped Himalayan peaks and water streams.
Chamba has a rich history which dated back to 2nd century BC. This town was founded by Raja Sahil Varman in 920 AD and was ruled by the Khasas and Adumbara followers by the rajputas. It was ruled by the Maur Dynasty and got name champavati and after it was ruled by 67 kings.
Apart from that it is referred as the perfect place for adventure activities like Skiing, trekking and River rafting. The snow capped mountains are in or around chamba which popular known for snow skiing. Every year river rafting and river crossing exercises is conduct by the Government and Private organizers. The amazing Himalayan range of mountains and variety of flora and fauna are the major reason to visit chamba. Chamba is one of the most famous tourist destinations in all around the country. Chamba district is devided by the three main ranges namely Dhauladhar range, Pir- Panjal range and Zanskar range. Lot of tourist attractions located in and around Chamba and an ideal place for perfect holidays. The Mata Mela and Minjar Mela is the prime attraction of the place and attract thousands of the tourists. It is also known for its wooden handicraft and hand woven textiles.
Lots of accommodations options are available at Chamba but mid range and budget hotels are only available here. Hotels and Restaurant serve Indian, Chinese and Continental food. You also find lot of street stalls at Chamba.

Best time to visit Chamba:

Summer: April to till June is the summer season at Chamba. During the summer season the days are pleasant but the nights are considerable cold. The temperature in summer season lies in between 16 to 35 degree Celsius.
Winter: The winter season in Chamba begins with the month of October to till March. During the winters the temperature is low as 0 degree. The month of December and January received heavy snowfall.
Monsoon: Chamba received high amount of rain during monsoon with the temperature of 15 to 35 degree. July to till October is the winter season at Chamba. Monsoon is chilly here.

Visiting places in Chamba:

Chamera Dam: Chamera dam is built up on the River Ravi situated in Chamba district. It is one of the major sources of electricity generation in this region and Chamera Lake is one of the major attractions of Chamba. This lake is the favorite destination for water sport activities like angling, motor boating,, kayaking, paddle boating etc.

Laxmi Narayan Temple: This is the major attraction of Chamba and one of the oldest and religious temples which was built by the Sahil Varman in 10th century. The amazing Shikara architecture style, the wooden chattries, shell roofs and attractive mandapa makes it amazing. Inside the temple complex there are other several temples like – Temple of Radha Krishna, Shiva temple, Gauri Shankar temple etc.

Kailash Manimahesh: Manimahesh lake is a crystal clear water lake and believed that it is blessed by the Goddess Kali and Protected by Lord Shiva. Lot of the devotees takes bath in the water of this sacred lake. Every year in the month of August or September Janamashatmi fair take place here. This religious lake is 28 km from Bharmour and bus services are easily availave to reach.

Rang Mahal: Rang mahal was built by the King Umed Singh in 18th century. This Mahal is one of the largest monuments located in chamba. Don’t miss to visit Ranh Mahal. The opening timing at 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5pm.

Bhuri Singh Museum: This is one of the oldest museums located in Indian. It was established by the Raja Bhuri Singh in 1908. This museum is one of the major attraction and most visited tourist destination. Bhuri Sigh Museum contain costumes, coins, arms, jewelry, paintings, carved doors, copper plate, memorial stones, musical instruments, kangra paintings etc.

Chamuna Devi Temple: Chamunda devi temple is one of the most religious temple of Chamba which was built by the Raja Umed Singh in 1762. This temple is situated on the bank of river Baner. Chamunda Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and made of wood with gable roofs. Today this temple is easily accessible through 3 km long concrete road from Chamba. This temple is the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. The temple is known as the Chamunda Nandikeshwae Dham.

Khajjiar: It is one of the most charming locations in Himachal Pradesh and referred as the most visited place in Chamba. The snow capped Himalayan peaks, thick forests, charming lake, green meadows and lots of adventure activities makes the destination more attractive. It is referred as the “Mini Switzerland”.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary: Kalatop wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist attraction and famous wildlife sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh. It is the home of various rare species of wild animals like- Goral, Jackal, Langur, serow, leopards, Himalayan black marten, deer, bear etc. Lots of wide range of birds can spot here. One can visit this wildlife sanctuary throughout the year.

Akhand Chandi Palace: Akhand Chandi Palace is present the great architecture of Mughals and British style. This palace was built in 1748 and completed in 1764. It is offered the most beautiful views of other tourists destination like Sui Mata Temple, Lakshmi Naryan Temple, Rang Mahal etc. The palace has beautiful designed windows painted with white color.

Champawati Temple: Champawati is one of the most religious places of Chamba. It was built by the Raja Sahil Varman in the memories of his daughter Champawati. The best time to visit is from March to June. The temple has a great history and offered the great architecture style.

Hariraya Temple: Hariraya Temple is dedicated to dedivated Lord Vishnu and the idol is situated at the center. This idol is bronze covered by the saffron decorated with imaginable jewelry like crown, earrings, necklaces etc. This temple was built in 11th century.

Sui Mata Temple: Sui Mata Temple was built by the Raja Sahil Varman in the memory of his wife queen Sui. Queen Sui sacrificed her life for village people and the temple is situated at the top of the Shah Darbar Hill. This temple is located in Saho district in Chamba.

Hari Rai Temple: This temple was built in 11th century which is dedicated to lord Vishnu. This religious temple was built by Salabahana in 11th century. Hari Rai Temple was built in the north-west corner. It is a religious shrine which offered the amazing architecture style and stands on a stone. This is the one of the oldest temple of Chamba located near Chaugan.

Excursion near Chamba:

Pangi Valley: It is one of the most beautiful valleys situated in between Pir Panjal and Zanskar range. It is located around 173 km from Chamba. This valley across the high mountain passes like Chehni, sach and Rohtang pass. The beautiful landscape is covered by the heavy snow during the winters.

Chaurasi Temples: Chaurasi Temples are situated at a distance of 65 km from Chamba and the temple complex have the temple of Lakshana Devi, Lord Ganesha, Manimahesh and Narsingha. This temple complex has a group of 84 temples. It is believed that this temple complex built in 9th century and one of the most important temples in Chamba.

Vajreshwar Temple: This temple is dedicated to Goddess of lightning known as the Goddess Vajreshwari. It is believed that she was the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. This temple is provides the Shikara style of Architecture. This religious temple is situated around 55 km from Chamba. Inside the temple complex the idol of Goddess Durga seated on a lion along with God Vishnu.

Chaugan: Chamba is a charming destination situated at a distance of 80 km from chamba. It is a perfect shopping destination popularly known for its handicraft and everything organic. Don’t forget to purchase famous chamba Chappals.

How to reach Chamba:

By Air: The nearest airport is Pathankot which is situated at a distance of 120 km from Chamba and the other Airports are kangra 172 km and Chandigarh 400 km. Taxies and Buses are easily available outside the Airport.
By Train: The nearest Railway station is at Pathankot situated at a distance of 120 km from Chamba. Buses and Taxies are easily available to reach Chamba from Pathankot.
By Road: Himachal Pradesh is well connected to the major stated or destination. Himachal road transport buses are easily available from Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

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