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Kasauli is a cantonment town and a popular hill station of Himachla which is situated 77 km from Shimla and 35 km from Kullu. Kasauli is a small quite town, located at an elevation of 1800 mts above the sea level. This beautiful town was developed during British era. The colonial style of Architecture makes the destination popular. Kasuali is famous for its picture perfect surrounding and magnificent Victorian mansions. The town is lies in between Chandigarh and Shimla in solan district. The beautiful lush greenery, charming snow covered mountains, alpine meadows and amazing colonial style of Architecture enhance the beauty of Destination. The sweet voice of Birds and bright greenery provides the mesmerizing environment where you can feel relax and rejuvenate. You will get peace of mind in Kusauli which make it a paradise on Earth. Every Year thousands of tourists visit Kasauli due to its pleasant weather and Amazing Nature beauty makes your day. The destination is well known as Health resort. The hill station provides you the ideal environment to soothe.
Kasauli is surrounding by the thick forest of Chir- Pine and Oak and excellent road network. It is a perfect and ideal destination for those who found relax and rejuvenate our life. Apart from that this is a paradise for Nature lovers, couples, Trekkers, and for who has hectic life. It is believed that Lord Hanuman came to Kasauli for find the herbs to help lord Laxman when he was injured. The town is famous for its quite and picturesque surrounding and warm hospitality of People. The fresh and pure environment, attract thousands of the tourists to visit Kasauli.
The best options for accommodations are available here like budget to Luxury hotel are easily available here. Lots of Restaurants are available at Kasauli.

Best time to visit Kasauli:

Summer: The summers are pleasant with warm days and night cold nights. April to June is the summer season with minimum 14 degree to maximum 28 degree.
Monsoon: July to September is the monsoon season and perfect for outdoor activities.
Winter: During the winters the destination is surrounding by the snow and winter is the perfect season for those who enjoy snowfall. October to till March is the winter season here.

The major attraction of Kasauli:

Kasauli Brewery: This brewery was established in 18th century in 1820s by Edward Dyer during the time when the India was occupied by the British east India Company. Ed ward Dyer was brought the equipment to produce a fine grain of malt whisky as good as Scotch whisky. One of the most valid reasons for established, was availability of spring water in abundance.

Christ church: This beautiful church was established by British in 1853. The church is surrounding by the picturesque location and Pine and deodar forests. Christ church is one of the most visited places popularly known for its marvelous neo- gothic architecture and stained glass windows.

Sunset point: Sunset Point is one of the most visited points in Kasauli which is located at the end point of Mall Road. This location is offered the most amazing views of sunset during the evening hours. The sunset point is a great place to spend some quality time in the evening. Apart from that this is a gateway to Gilbert trail known as the hiking trail.

The Mall: The Mall is a main shopping area of Kasauli which is divided into two parts lower and upper mall raod. Various Shops, Restaurants, cafes, bookstores and the famous kasauli club is found in Mall. The Mall is visited by the lots of tourists who attracted by the shopping.

Manki Point: Manki point is the highest point of Kasauli. It is believed that Lord Hanuman was come here to found the medicinal herbs when the lord Laxman was injured. Manki Point is offered the picturesque views of Entire valley and charming snow capped Himalayan peaks. This point is managed and maintained by the Indian Army and required a special Permit to visit Manki Point.

Krishna Bhavan Mandir: Krishna Bhavan Mandir is one of the most visited places in Kasauli. The combination of European and Indian style of Architecture attract the tourists. This temple is constructed like a church and one of the most pilgrimage spot in Kasauli visited by the huge number to devotees.
Gilbert National Trail: This is a perfect way to explore the Nature of Kasauli. The trail is located on the main road and runs about one or half kilometer. This path is vey less crowed due to the trail is not frequented by the regular tourists.
Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple: This temple is a famous pilgrimage site and the main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva incarnation of Shri Baba Balak Nath Ji. It is believed that the childless couples are visited this shrine and get the blessings of Deity. It is a perfect place for those who is finding Spirituality and solitude.
Gurkha Fort: Gurkha fort is visited by every visitor and it is a symbol of Gurkha’s Courage and Valour. The fort was built by the Gurkha Army chief Amar singh Thapa in 1900 AD. Now this fort is used as a training center for the Gurkha regime.

Excursion of Kasauli:

Sanwar: Sanwar is another hill destination situated at a distance of 6 km with at an elevation of 1750 mts above the sea level. It also a quite hill station and popular among tourists. Sanwaris famous for its Lawrence School which attracted students across the country.

Dagshai: Dagshi is a popular tourist attraction situated 19 km far from Kasauli. The nature beauty of surrounding makes it famous. This Place is popular since the time of British.

Dharampur: One of the major attractions of Kasauli due to quiet and claim location. Dharampur is a popular tourist attraction which is surrounding by the healthy air with amazing fragrant pines.

Sabathu: Sabathu is situated in Solan district. This place has a fort built by the Gurkha rulers in 19th century.

How to reach Kasauli:

By Road: Kasauli has motorable road and Himachal Pradesh state transport corporation services several buses kasauli and other state. Road Journey is more enjoyable like others.
By Air: Chandigarh is the nearest Airport which is well connected to the Kasauli and others. Taxies and Buses are easily available outside the Airport.
By Train: Lots of Express trains are available to reach Kalka and other part of India. From Kalka you will easily reach Kasauli by bus or Taxi.

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