Khajjiar Tourism Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar is a small town located in chamba valley near Dalhousie. It is known as the Mini Switzerland of India. It is a green and beautiful meadows land which offered the picturesque views. Khajjiar is situated at a distance of 22 km from Dalhousie and 24 km from Chamba with at an elevation of 6500 ft above the sea level. It is a small plateau has a beautiful lake which is one of the major tourist attractions of the place. This charming landscape is surrounding by the green meadows and thick dense forest. The charming views of surrounding, lush green, green meadows, fresh and pure environment, pleasant weather, picturesque landscape and beautiful small lake adds the charm and attract thousands of the tourists from all around the country. Khajjiar is also known for its beautiful and religious temples. It is popularly known as the “Mini Switzerland” and heaven on earth in India. Apart from this khajjiar is attract the adventure lovers and lot of the adventure activities perform here like – Paragliding, Horse riding, Zorbing, trekking and open jeep safari etc. Nine-hole golf course is added attraction at Khajjiar.
Khajjiar is one of the most charming spot in Himachal Pradesh which drives it names from ancient golden- domed temple of Khajjiar. During the 12th century Khajjiar temple is a small shrine but this temple is known as the Golden Devi temple which is decorated with a golden dome and spire. The Khajji Naga Temple is one of the other major shrines in Khajjiar. In the 6th century the local Rajput ruled chamba and made it their capital city after this become a part of Mughal rulers and later come under Sikh kingdom and finally taken by British. But 15th April 1948 it became a part of Himachal Pradesh.
Khajjiar is known as the Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh and referred as the starting point for treks. Generally people of khajjiar speak Himachali. Lots of the hotels are located on Khajjiar- chamba road and offered the budget accommodation and resorts. Eating options are limited here and few restaurants are located in main ground.

Best time to reach Khajjiar:

Summer: March to till June is the best time to visit Khajjiar. Summer is pleasant here and best for sightseeing.
Winter: November to till March is winter season here and the winters are extremely cold here with heavy snow fall.

Visiting places in Khajjiar:

Kalatop wildlife sanctuary: It is one of the most popular and attractive place to visit in Khajjiar. This charming wildlife sanctuary spread over 30.79 sq km which is situated in between Dalhousie and Khajjiar Lake. This Sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna, Blue, Pine, Oak and Rhodobendron trees and one can spot the barking goral, Himalayan black marten, Langur, Jackal, bear and Leopard are spot here. This sanctuary opens at 7:00 am to till 6:00 pm

Khajjiar Lake: Khajjiar Lake is one of the most visited and popular tourist attraction located at an elevation of 1930 mts above the sea level. This beautiful lake is surrounding by the Deodar forest, green grassland and majestic hills. Khajjiar Lake is spread around 1.5 sq km and become a perfect place for picnic. The Lake got its name from Khajji Naga Temple. During the sunny day you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of mount Kaliash from the khajjiar Lake.

Kailash Villages: Kailash villages are some of the picturesque villages and best to visit in Khajjiar surrounding by the lush mountains and dense forests. Rota, Ledi etc are some of the most beautiful village offered the most wonderful views of Mount Kailash, green slopes and snow capped peaks. These villages are situated around Khajjiar ground popular for its apple orchards.

Panch Pandav Tree: Panch Pandava Tree is one of the unique and charming places to visit in Khajjiar. The tree has 6 shoots and believed that 5 Pandavas and Draupadi. Panch Pandava tree is located near a rest house around a km from Khajjiar.

Khajji Naga Temple: Khajji Naga temple is dedicated to Lord of serpents referred as the oldest temple of Himachal Pradesh. It was built around 12th century present the mughal style of architecture. The temple boasts of idols of Lord Shiva, Hidimba, Pandavas and Kaurava.

Lord Shiva Temple: This Shiva Temple has 85 ft statue of Lord Shiva which is the tallest in Himachal Pradesh.

Golden Devi Temple: This temple is close to the khajjiar Lake and a popular tourists attraction. The temple got its name from the golden dome. Near the temple has a golf course where you can find some scenic views of Surrounding.

Excursion near Khajjiar:

Dainkund Peak: Dainkund peak is one of the most beautiful and highest peak in Dalhousie which is situated around 18 km from Khajjiar. This snow capped peaks offered the clear views of Surrounding. During the summer it turns into lush green meadows and in the winter turns into a white haven.

Chamba: Chamba is a charming hill station in Himachal Pradesh which is situated 55 km from Dalhousie. Chamba is a popular hill station established by Raja Sahil verma in 920 AD. It is served as the perfect getaway for amazing holidays. The snow clad mountains around chamba are popular for snow skiing.

Kangra: It is known as the picturesque hill station which is popular for its lower Himalayan. It is a paradise for Nature lovers and offered the amazing views of greenery. Art and craft is popular in this region.

Dharamshala: Dharamshala is one of the most visited places and is an ideal destination for nature lovers. It is surrounding by the dense forest of Deodar and Pine trees. It also referred as the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach Khajjiar:

By Air: The nearest Airport is Gaggal Airport located in Dharamshala. Khajjiar has no own Airport and Dharamshala airport is around 120 km from Khajjiar. Outside the Airport or Railway station taxies and buses are easily available to reach khajjiar.
By Train: Pathankot is the nearest railway station which is situated at a distance of 118 km from Khajjiar. Trains are easily available from Delhi, Chandigarh and Bhatinda to reach Pathankot.
By Road: Khajjiar is very well connected by the roads with the major destination of Himachal Pradesh.

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