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Himachal Pradesh is one of the best locations for Adventure activities and Mountaineering and Rock climbing is one of the best and most popular activities that can be performed here. It is a most beautiful and preferable location of India and every year thousands of the tourists from all around the world visit and enjoy the charm and Adventure activities. It is surrounding by the lush mountains, green meadows, snow capped Himalayan peaks, picturesque landscape, amazing Nature beauty, fresh and pleasant weather with excellent temperature etc adds the charm of the place. Apart from that you can enjoy the lots of Adventure activities like trekking, Skiing, River Rafting, Paragliding but Mountaineering and Rock Climbing is one of the major adventure activities which performed in Himachal Pradesh and increase the charm.

For enjoying this activities you must required the permission from Tourism Board Department. To enjoying Mountaineering and Rock climbing you required more strength, stamina and mental endurance. The Beas kund region, Hanuman Tibba, Manali and Shitidhra peaks around the source of the river Beas, the area of Deo Tibba are perfect destination for those who are not professional climber because they areas are no more thrilling or challenging but sufficient for new trekkers and popular among ice- climbers. Apart from that Dhauladgar range, Pir – Panjal, and Chandrabhaga in Himachal Pradesh are the best place to enjoying Mountaineering and Rock climbing. All the ranges are preferred only for professional and trained challengers.

The Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports in Manali and Dharamshala is one of the best places for beginners to learn all activities. It is offered the short term training and training course to brach up their skills.

The list of some prominent peaks of Himachal Pradesh:

1. Mount Ladakhi (5345 mts)

Mount Ladakhi is a most popular mountain peak which is popularly known as the snow covered peak located in the Pir- Panjal Range. Mount Ladakhi provides enthralling peaks and climbing routes which offered all the adventurous and thrilling mountaineering and climbing. It is a rocky and snowy peaks offer the most amazing landscape for adventure lovers and is an ideal for photography. For climbing required a bit of Experience with advance mountaineering equipment. It offered the luxuriant Glaciers, Grasslands, snow clad mountain peaks and amazing landscapes etc increase the charm of the place and the trail pass through Dhaundi and Bakarthach with entire Beas Kund Glacier. June to till September is the best time for mountaineering and climbing here.

2. Mount Shitidhar (5290 mts)

It is a majestic peak which is situated at an elevation of 5290 mts above the sea level. Mount Shitidhar is a snow capped mountain peaks which is famous among the beginners and mountaineering students. It is refer as the training ground for some bigger trekking location in the great Himalaya. The name comes from Shiti mean ‘Sharp’ and Dhar mean ‘Edge’. It is lies in between Manali and Ladakhi trekking peak. June to till October is refered as the best time for visit here.

3. Friendship peak ( 5289 mts)

Friendship peak is situated in Beas Kund with at an elevation of 5289 mts above the sea levelin the kullu district of Himachal. It is a division of Pir- Panjal range. Friendship peak is a perfect peak for beginners and not very technical. The best part of this trek is the experience the famous hill station of Manali. You should be visited and climbing during the months of May – June and September – October. The Solang valley, Bakarthach base camp, lush green forests and valleys are the highlights of the beautiful Friends Peaks. You will reach easily, the nearest Airport is Kullu Manali and the nearest Railway station is Jogindernagar Railway station which is well connected to the major destination of Himachal.

4. Seven sister (4500 mts)

Seven sisters are the brilliant majestic peaks and offered an extremely blissful experience for tourists. The snow covered exotic charm of the peak offered the excitement and thrilling experience to the climber or trekkers. First when the climb this trek climber complete 6 km walk to Dhundi, after trekking Dhundi climber can climb the snow and imposing Seven Sister peak. This tour can become unique if the tourists are given the opportunity to explore the beauty of Solang valley and trek to Dhundi.

5. Mount Deo Tibba (6001 mts)

Deo Tibba is a beautiful mountain peak which is surrounding by Rock and snow. This majestic mountain peak is situated at an elevation of 6001 mts above the sea level. It is a challenging mountain peak which can be climbed after climbing various lower level peaks. The trekking to Mount Tibba is very popular which is offered the most beautiful views of Deo Tibba.

6. Papsura ( 6451 mts)

Papsura is an outstanding peak and the third highest mountain in Kullu/Lahaul/ Spiti. It is divided of the Himachal and lies near the point where the Pir – Panjal range branches divide from the Himalayan. Papsura is known as the peak of Evil and the southeast Dharmsura peak is situated which is known as the peak of God. Papsura was first climbed by the British service team in 1976 and Dharmsaura was first climbed in 1941 by a British expedition team. This trek starts from the beautiful village Toos.

7. Mt Menthosa (6443 mts)

Mt Menthosa is renowned as the second highest peak in the Himachal Pradesh. The first climbed it in 1970 by a British service team. Menthosa offered the great trekking experience for those who are looking to climb a challenging. Some mountaineering skills and experience are required as well as fixing ropes. May to September is the best time to climb this mountain. Kullu is the nearest Airport from Mount Menthosa.

8. Mt Hanuman Tibba ( 5860mts)

Mt Hanuman Tibba is a technical mountain peak situated in the western Himalayan with at an elevation of 19220 mts above the sea level. It is a superb peak and similar to a pyramid and looks different on each of its sides.

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