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Kinnaur is a beautiful land and a district of Himachal Pradesh and the destination is shared its border with Tibet to the east in the northeast corner. Kinnaur is also known as the ‘Land of God’ or ‘Land of fairytales’ which is situated at distance of 240 km from Shimla with at an elevation from 2340 to 6870 mts above the sea level. Kinnuar is mountainous area which surrounded by the majestic mountains peaks, amazing green valley, charming flowing rivers, orchards and picturesque nature beauty. Apart from that Kinnuar is covered with snow for six months like Lahaul and Spiti. The three most beautiful mountains ranges are having in Kinnaur like – Zanskar, Greater Himalayas and Dhauladhar with three beautiful tributaries like Sutlaj, Spiti and Baspa. This beautiful destination is divided into two valleys one is Sangla Valley and other is Hangrang Valley. Solang is a paradise for Adventure lovers, you will take part in the activities like- Paragliding, Trekking, Angling and Rafting etc. Kalpa is also a most beautiful village of kinnaur don’t missed to visit kalpa.
Kinnaur is also known for Kinnuar Kailash, it is the home of Lord Shiva which is located near the Tibetan Border. Shivlingam in Kinnuar is one of the major attractions of the place. kinnuar kailash is a holy place which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Kinnuar Kailash having 79 ft vertical rock which is changed color naturally. There are many monasteries of Buddhists. Kinnuar is an ideal place for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage.
The trekking to Kinnaur Kailash is an amazing trekking and apart from that kinnuar and surrounding is famous for its trekking routes. In the other hand kinnuar is known for its delicious apples, Chilgoza, Handlooms and Handicrafts materials. The best part of kinnuar is, experienced the thrill with the mighty Himalayans and an ideal place for those who want rejuvenate and want distance for hustle and bustle life.

Best Time to Reach Kinnaur:

Summer: Summer is the best time to visit kinnaur and sightseeing. April to till June is summer here with 8 to 30 degree Celsius. You will enjoy the sightseeing during summer with pleasant temperature.
Winters: October to till March is the winter at Kinnaur. The temperature is drop down to -5 degree Celsius and received heavy snow fall. Winters are harsh and extremely cold here.
Monsoon: Kinnaur received high amount of rainfall so avoid kinnaur during Monsoons.

The visiting place near Kinnaur:

Reckong Peo: Reckong Peo is the head quarter of Kinnaur district. It is also known as the abode of God and land of God. The amazing beauty of the place adds he charm and increase the attraction of Tourists. This little town is also famous for its Apple orchards. This village is situated at a distance of 23 km from Kinnaur with at an elevation of 2300 mts above the sea level.

Sarahan: Sarahan is known as the Gateway to Kinnaur and a beautiful hamlet which is situated near the Sutlaj River. Sarahan is famous for its apple orchards, dense and pine forest, gushing water stream, wildflower fields etc makes the town more attractive.

Kalpa: Kalpa is a beautiful town which is popularly known for beautiful Sunrise. The Narayan Nugani Temple is one of the major attractions of the place. Kalpa is offered the most beautiful views of ‘Kinnaur Kailash’.

Nako: Nako is a picturesque village which is offered the eye capturing surrounding and magnificent valley. This valley is situated at a distance of 25 km from kinnaur with at an elevation of 3600 mts above the sea level. This village is also known as the land of Fairytales.

Ribba: Ribba is popularly known as ‘Rirang’ and one of the another popular village which is situated about 14 km. This area is popular for its grapes orchards and innumerable trees.

Moorang: Moorang is a most beautiful village which is popularly known as the apricot orchards and has an old fort. The fort is one of relaxing point which was built by the Pandawas on the bank of Satluj River.

Kothi: Kothi is a beautiful Landscape which is known as the Koshtampi. The Goddess ‘Shuwang Chandika Temple’ is a most popular temple in this village. The attractive Temples, beautiful green fields, fruit tree etc make the village beautiful.

Namgya: Namgya town is decorated with barley, Turnip, buckwheat, apricot, vine etc.

Sangla: Sangla is a popular village situated on the right bank of Baspa River. There is a beautiful fort and the fort was the place where so many Rajas of Kinnur were crowned. Entire Sangla is famous for saffron and alpine meadows.

Pooh: Pooh valley is known as Spuwa and the place is famous for vineyards, apricot, almond and grapes orchard.

Lipa- Asrang Sanctuary: It is a paradise for nature lover which is located at an elevation of 4000-5000 mts. This sanctuary is spread an area of 31 sq km and established in 1962. This sanctuary is a part of Cold desert.

Karchham: Karchham is situated on the confluence of Satluj and Baspa River on Hindustan –Tibet road.

Chhitkul: This is the last and highest village in the Baspa valley. This village is situated on the right bank of Baspa River. There are three religious temples are situated and one of them is around 500 years old. This temple is made of walnut wood and covered with clothes.

Leo: Leo is about 105 km from Reckong Peo which is situated on the right bank of Spiti River. Jamato Temple is one of the major attractions of the place.

Excursion near Kinnaur:

Yamunotri: Yamunotri is one of Chardham which is a religious destination dedicated to Goddess Yamuna Ji. It is the source of River Yamuna, she is daughter of God Sun and Sister of Lord Yama (God of death). It is situated in the state of Uttarakhand and one of the most visited shrine in India. This temple is closed during winters due to heavy rainfall.

Kaza: The largest township in Lahaul valley. It is surrounding by the high mountains, snow capped Himalayan peaks, crystal clear water river, greenery, water streams etc. Kaza is popularly known for its colorful festivals and Sakya Tangyud Monastery is one of the most visited places of Kaza. It is the base camp for trekking, mountaineering and other adventure activities. Monasteries and Gompas are present the ancient culture and traditions.

Gangotri: The origin point of River Ganga dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Gangotri is one of Chardham and a pilgrimage point. Every year thousands of tourists take part in the yatra. During winters the shrine closed due to heavy snow fall. Mukhba is the winter seat of Goddess Ganga and the idol is transfer to Mukhba for next six months.

Spiti: Spiti is a beautiful landscape which is popularly known as Little Tibet. This amazing destination is surrounding by the mountains, glaciers, villages, snow capped mountains, water streams and crystal clear water Rivers, prayer flags, monasteries etc. It is a perfect destination for those who want adventure in their life.

How to reach Kinnaur:

By Air: Jubbar Hatti is the nearest Airport located in Shimla which is situated at a distance of 270 km from Kinnaur. Taxies and Buses are easily available to reach Kinnaur from Shimla.
By Train: Kinnaur does not have own Railway station to reach. The nearest Railway station is Kalka Railway station which is 360 km from Kinnaur. Taxies and Buses are easily available outside the Railway station.
By Road: The travel by Road is one of the perfect ways to reach Kinnaur. The destination is well connected to the other major destinations of Himachal Pradesh.

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