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Parwanoo is one of the most beautiful destinations situated in the Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. It is a charming hilltop which is surrounding by the beautiful orchards and hills. It is referred as the most visited destination in India. Parwanoo is located on the border between Himachal Pradesh and Panchkula district in Haryana. Parwanoo is offered the best fruits juices and jams. It is a horticultural district located in Solan which is situated at a distance of 30 km from Chandigarh. This charming destination known for its orchards and apple and peaches are grown in plenty. The products made from the fruits are greatest contribute to grow the economy of this town.
Parwanoo is a picturesque hill station which is offered the most beautiful views of Shivalik hills. The amazing landscape of Parwanoo makes it an ideal destination for Adventure and Nature lovers. The nature beauty with lot of sightseeing attracts thousands of the tourists to visit Parwanoo. It is an ideal getaway for adventure activities like trekking, hiking and nature walk. Its religious centers, charming gardens and hill resorts increase the charm of the place and attract millions of tourists from all around the world.
A few years back, Parwanoo was a small town but at present is becomes a famous industrial town. Today there are lots of factories and industries are situated which produced different products like – fruits products, motor parts, plastic things and many more. Apart from that is a perfect stopover for the pilgrimages who takes part in Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra which is referred as the getaway to explore the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from the trekking the cable car ride at Timber is one of the popular tourist activities here. Parwanoo celebrates a most famous festival is called Sheetla Mata Festival which is held twice a year. During the festival the town is decorated with colorful paper and lights.
It is a best tourist destination which is offered the unforgettable memories foe whole life. Lot of accommodation options are easily available for comfort stay. The hotels and restaurants are around the town serve north Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines.

Best time to visit:

Summer: March to till June is the best time to visit Parwanoo with the temperature of 8 to 30 degree. Summer is the best time for explore the sightseeing.
Winter: The winter begins from October to till February. During the winter season the temperature as low as zero degree and does not rise above 10 degree Celsius. Winters received heavy snowfall at Parwanoo.
Monsoon: Parwanoo received heavy amount of rainfall, July to September is the monsoon season here.

Tourist attraction in Parwanoo:

Timber Trail: Timber trail is a perfect way to explore the beauty of Parwanoo through cable car. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. This cable car situate at a height of 5000 ft above the sea level.

Cable car ride: Timber trail resort offered some of the adventure activities and cable car is one of them which offered the some magnificence views but it is referred only daring people.

Subathu: It is located on the foot hills of the Himalayan where historical Gurkha fort can be found. This fort is popularly known as the Gorkha fort or Akri fort which is one of the major attractions of the place. Subathu is almost 16 km far from Parwanoo.

Pinjore: Pinjore is a beautiful town situated at the distance of 10 km from Parwanoo. It is situated at the confluence of Kaushalaya and Jhajjar River. There are many ancient sculptures and antiquities have been found which dated back to 12th century. Apart from that Mughal gardens is a prominent attraction of the town which is popularly known as the Yadavindra gardens.

Fruits Orchards: Parwanoo is a perfect place offered the most beautiful fruits orchards. The pleasant weather which is suitable for the productions of apple and peaches. Jams, pickles, jellies and other fruits products are specialty of Parwanoo.

Kali Mata Temple: Kali Mata temple is one of the ancient temples situated in parwanoo at a distance of 2 km. It is a most religious temple for Hindu which is dedicated to Goddess Kali. During Navratari. It is believed that this is the place where once Pandavas visit.

Dagshai: It is a cantonment town situated at an elevation of 5689 ft above the sea level. This town was established in 1847 by the East India Company. There are numerous buildings from the British era.

Shri Bala Ji Temple: This temple is an ancient temple located in Parwanoo. Shri Bala ji Temle is a religious temple for hindu and one of the major attraction of the place.

Gurudwara Nada Sahib: Gurudwara Nada Sahib is situated at a distance of 22 km from Parwanu. It is a religious place for Sikhs and it is believed that once Guru Gobind Singh staying here.

Mansa Devi Temple: Mansa Devi temple is religious place which is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi. This temple was built by the Maharaj Gopal singh in 1811 and take 5 year to complete.

Cactus Garden: Cactus garden is an interesting garden situated at a distance of 22 km from Parwanoo. This beautiful park was established in 1987by Dr J.S Sarkaria which is covering an area of 7 acres.

Excursion near Parwanoo:

Kasauli: Kasauli is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh situated at an elevation of 1927 mts above the sea level. This town serves as the army cantonment surrounding by the snow capped mountains, dense forest with pleasant climate. It is situated in Solan district around 77 km from Shimla. Lot of tourists attractions are situated here and attract thousands of the tourists every year from all around the country.

Solan: Solan is known as the Mushroom capital of India surrounding by the snow capped Himalayan peaks and thick forests. It is 50 km from Shimla with at an elevation of 1467 mts above the sea level. This is a charming hill station got its name from Goddess Shoolini Devi which is the main deity of this region. Shoolini Mata temple is one of the major attractions of Solan.

Chandigarh: Chandigarh is the India’s first planed city which is designed by the French architecture Charles- Edouard Jeannerte. Chandigarh is served as the Capital of Punjab and Haryana. This beautiful city is popularly known for its gardens like Rock gardens and Rose gardens. This beautiful city is surrounding by the Sukhna Lake.

How to reach Parwanoo:

By Air: Parwanoo has no own Airport the nearest Airport is Chandigarh situated 30 km from here and the other nearest Airport is Shimla situated at a distance of 70 km from Parwanoo. Outside the Airport Taxies and buses are easily available.
By Train: Kalka is the nearest railway station to reach Parwanoo situated at distance of 4 km from the town. Taxies and Buses are easily available here.
By Road: Parwanoo is well connected to the major destination by the roads. Regular bus services are easily available here.

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