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Sangla is renowned as the most beautiful valley in the country which is located in Kinnaur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. In the Tibetan language Sangla mean “Pass of Light”. This beautiful valley is situated at a distance of 30 km from Tibetan border with at an elevation of 9000 ft above the sea level. It is a perfect getaway for some beautiful holidays and far from Hustle and bustle of the city. Apart from that it is famous for its red apples orchards and luscious cherry trees. Sangla is surrounding by the picturesque views of snow capped Himalayan peaks, greenery, water streams, green meadows, pleasant and fresh weather etc makes the destination attractive and charming.
Along with charming beauty, Sangla is an ideal destination for Adventurous activities like Trekking and Camping. It is a less crowded destination decorated with amazing nature beauty and many attractions. Sangla is popularly known for its fresh Fruits, October is the best time for Apple orchards and during this season many farms grow. The Baspa River is flow through the valley and provides the sufficient water for apple and other fruits productions.
Travelling to Sangla is offered the great opportunity to take views of amazing nature beauty, orchards, cherry trees and apple orchards. The beautiful glaciers stream and the panoramic views of Villages like Chitkul, Karchham, Batseri etc adds the charm to the Sangla beauty. Apart from that Kamru fort is one of the major attractions of Sangla which is an ancient fort but now it is converted into a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi. Tourists enjoy the lots of attraction here.
Plenty accommodations are available here with all modern facilities and services. Lot of hotels, restaurants, dhabas and food stall are available here. A huge variety of North Indian cuisines are offered by the hotels and restaurants. Sangla is a most beautiful hill destination but no more crowded like Shimla and Manali but offered the hidden charm of Nature. It is a beautiful getaway to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Best Time to Reach Sangla:

Summer: March to till June is the summer season at sangla with the pleasant temperature around 8 degree to 30 degree Celsius. The days are warm but the nights are cool. Summer is the best season to enjoy the sightseeing for travelers.
Winters: During the winters this place is converted into a white sheet of snow which covers every inch of this valley. The temperature of sangla low down as -10 degree Celsius and the destination is blocked for six months.
Monsoon: July to till September is the monsoon season here.

Visiting Place in Sangla:

Chitkul: Chitkul is the last village which is located Indian boundaries on the old Indo – Tibetan Road. It is situated at a distance of 28 km from Sangla with at an elevation of 3450 mts above the sea level. There are orchards, green meadows, huge rocks, rivers, Forests, Grasslands and charming mountains etc which makes the destination attractive. Travelling to Chitkul provid you a different experience, around 600 peoples are live here and they welcome you with warm hospitality.

Kamru fort: Kamur fort is a must visited Fort of Sangla which is one of the ancient fort. Now it is converted into a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya Devi. Kamru fort is made of Wood and a large idol of Goddess is placed on third floor. On the main gate a huge image of Lord Buddha.

Bering Nag Temple: Bering Nag Temple is a must visited place and one of the most popular temples of Hindu. This temple is dedicated to Lord Jagas. A most famous fair Fulaich fair celebrated every year in the month of August to September.

Batseri Village: Batseri village is the place where you can enjoy shopping like interesting local handicrafts, handmade shawls, and kinnauri Caps are the most famous in the village. This village is situated around 8 km from Sangla. Pine nuts and Chilgoza are most famous fruits here don’t forget to carry this.

Buddhist Monastery: This Buddhist monastery situated near Sangla which is known as the Brelengi Gompa. This beautiful monastery displays the modern Buddhist edifice.

Baspa River: Baspa River is a fast flowing river which is passed through Sangla which is provides the opportunity to view of Rainbow and brown trout.

Tibetian wood carving center: It is one of the most famous attraction of Sangla. It is situated near the saffron farms and you will find object made of wood with intricate carving in Tibetan style.

How to reach Sangla:

By Air: Jubbarhatti is the nearest Airport which is situated at a distance of 238 km from Sangla. Bhuntar Airport is the other second nearest Airport which take 3 to 4 hours to reach Sangla. Outside the Airport Buses and Taxies are easily available to reach Sangla.
By Train: Sangla has no own railway station and the nearest Railway Station is Kallka station in Shinla. Buses and taxies are easily available.
By Road: Sangla is well connected to the major destinations of Sangla and if you are planning to visit sangla by road so regular buses are easily available from Delhi.

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